How long before my order ships?
Allow 5-10 business days for your item(s) to be made before shipping.
Can I return my order/items?
In general, the majority of our items are non-returnable as they are made custom to your size/length specifications. Our products are customized and made when you order to your personal size/finish preference.
How do I find out my ring size?
If you don't have a lot of experience with jewelry, I would recommend being sized by a jeweler in your area. We also have DIY ring sizers available for sale. You will need to note the width of the band when doing this. I do not accept returns or exchanges for mistakes or "guess work" on the customers part when ordering. Please take care when placing your order since our jewelry is considered custom.
Why does silver tarnish?
Silver tarnishes because it has not been cared for properly. Sterling needs to be cleaned with a polishing pad, stored with an anti tarnish strip or worn frequently to keep it bright and clean. For those of you in humid climates especially, that means your jewelry should be kept in a cool dry place (never a bathroom or in open air) to keep it clean. Tarnish is not permanent and can be reversed with a simple polish pad, but all silver will tarnish eventually, especially if not cared for properly.
How is an "oxidized finish" different from "tarnish"?
Oxidation is a clean, applied finish with a controlled color. Tarnish is something that happens naturally because of a humid or salty environment, your body chemistry, chemicals like perfumes and soaps or improper storage. It's an uneven brown-black speckled film over the jewelry that can be very easily removed with a polish pad available in this shop. For light tarnish, a soft cloth will work fine. Never dip jewelry with an applied patina into a chemical cleaner. It will strip away the patina & the wax finish and can damage some types of stones.